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Hello friends, today I am here to discuss a very interesting and important topic for all the lovers out there. Almost every one of us wants to go on a date, make romantic conversations, spend some quality time with the loved one, but it’s not that easy. Mixed feelings keep on arising in mind if somebody goes for a date for the first time, excited and worried both. Excited about the fact that they are going on a date with someone special and worried about the fact that what they both will talk about, where they will go, what activities will they perform, what they will eat? etc.

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But, there is no need to worry at all, I bring for you the simplest and most interesting ways to make your date memorable. A date can also be of different types such as a dinner date, day out etc., so go through the categories of a date first which are given below:

A romantic date can also be divided into different categories:

  • Date in which you plan a day-out
  • A romantic dinner date
  • Date at yours or your beloved’s place

First decide which type of date is going to be the most suitable for you two, then read the blog and steal some interesting ideas for enjoying your time the most.

Select a Romantic Getaway:


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One of the most important thing that should be selected very precisely is that romantic place where you want to visit with your beloved. First ask the choice of your dear one, but if he/she is expecting you to decide, then get ready to show her/him off the most romantic place around.

Even if it is your first date, or not, you both require a lot of private time together to be lost in each other’s eyes, so the best would be to select a spot which would remain close to nature and away from crowd and rabble. Go to your favorite beach, choose a big rock on the beachside and sit on it to see the beautiful sunset together in each other’s arms. Romantic dim light of Sun, gentle air-breezes and your beloved. Lakeside or any other water-body can also do the trick, it will also makes you feel calmer. So, all those who want to spend their date in a calm manner with the beauty of nature, they should try this.

Those who reside in the center of city and it won’t be possible for them to visit lake or beach-side then they should select a romantic place as per their convenience. Either go for a movie date, or visit a restaurant and spend quality time with your companion on its roof-top. Let the Sun goes down, let the air cools down, and let the romance go high between you two and make this date memorable.

Also, don’t forget to smile a lot, crack jokes, make your date smile, forget the world and enjoy.

Select a Sports Activity:

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Indulge yourself in romantic sports, go for swimming together, go cycling on some exotic location, go for bowling, billiards, long drive, this quality time will bring you even closer. You will laugh along, get tired along, encourage each other for more and unknowingly come closer to each other.

Don’t Forget to Cook Together: 

Don’t Forget to Cook Together

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If you are planning a date at home, you really have many things to do together. First of all, select some music and movie CDs for mixing romance in the air. Switch on the music on gentle tone, don’t miss the chance of doing couple dance, hold your love in your arms and start making moves, this is a nice opportunity to bring your love closer and closer.

Also, make it a point to cook together, this joy of making something together either it tastes good or bad really cheers up the mood of both the partners. This cooking will add up the spices to your relationship as well.

Dedicate a Song:

Dedicate a song

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Music generates strong connections and best way to show your feelings. Going for a dinner date or for a day out, dedicate a romantic song for your partner, either your favorite radio station will play the music of your choice or the live band in your dinner date will do that for you. This will not only give a nice surprise to your partner, it will also help in making your date memorable.Everyone has its own taste and imagination, use your imagination, bring some fresh thoughts and go for them. Ask your sweetheart about his/her thoughts.  Which idea will love your partner? Share to me through comment below.

Everyone has its own taste and imagination, use your imagination, bring some fresh thoughts and go for them. Ask your sweetheart about his/her thoughts.  Which idea will love your partner? Share to me through comment below.