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Today I have taken a really typical query asked by most of the readers that how to make sure that the Russian woman, they are dating, is genuine or not? Well, truly speaking it is really hard to guess that whether the woman is genuine or not, it’s your smartness only that can save you from any fraud or scam. You really have to keep your ears and eyes open while dealing with Russian women especially in online dating, because in online dating there are higher chances that someone will try to make a fool out of you.

It’s not at all true that all Russian women who are trying to date online are fraud, in fact that number is very less, but yes this fact can’t also be totally denied that some cheats try to take advantage of innocent people who come to date online.

There are different kinds of scammers involved in cheating and there are different ways to identify them as well. If you are also troubled by the same question that the woman you are dating online is genuine or not, then don’t skip these points. Before making you aware about the ways with which you can prevent falling in the trap of scammers, let’s give you a brief about the types of scammers with which you can come across.

Types of Scammers

Types of scammers that are likely to take you in their trap can be broadly divided into three categories:

  1. Those who are willing to do all the romance on internet without doing a single meeting.
  2. Those who will meet you on internet, go on date and try to withdraw maximum amount of money from your wallet.
  3. Those who go on Dating, fall in love, even go for marriage and then suddenly ask for divorce by putting a number of wrong allegations.

If you are dating online with a Russian woman, you must be going through any one of three situations. It is not important that the woman you are dating with is definitely a fraud, but yes there is no harm in staying alert as well.

All the three cases are dangerous in their own ways. All that a fraud woman needs is your money and she is nothing to do with your emotions or feelings. Identify them before you get hurt.

How To Recognize that Russian Woman is Fraud?

Online dating may provide a number of options for dating, but it also comes with many limitations. It can’t be always believed that what the photograph or profile is saying about a person is true or not. We have no idea who is sitting on the other side of the system, may be a woman or a fraud man. You have to act smart and patiently while dating online. If you find anything unnatural or suspicious, try to take appropriate action on immediate basis.

Sometimes, we develop a tendency of avoiding things even if we feel that something is not right because we attach ourselves to the other person emotionally to such an extent that any thought of him/her being wrong hurts our emotions. Fraud people usually use this trick to attach to the other person quickly and emotionally to take the maximum benefit of his feelings and money. So, first of all try to completely avoid this tendency. Instead of being emotional, try to use your brains.

There are some points that will help you understand that the woman is really genuine or not:

  1. After making a profile, if any woman immediately contacts you with a model like or revealing image that greatly indicates that the woman who is contacting you from the other side is a cheat.
  2. A woman that starts doing romantic talks unnaturally even without knowing you properly shows that the woman can be a big cheat.
  3. A woman who you feel is more interested in your money or finances, who constantly ask about your bank balance, savings and sources of income etc.
  4. Woman who tries to show herself helpless in front of you either by discussing some family problem or anything else that can be resolved with your money.
  5. These women generally show unnatural reactions such as they may be in urgent need of money, they may suddenly want to meet or marry you.
  6. These women do not even hesitate in sending their nude pictures, they just want to trap the guy anyhow, either by sending emotional messages or by showing their physical beauty.
  7. They may ask you for a romantic vacation on exotic location by insisting you in a way that it becomes hard for you to resist.
  8. They may also not hesitate in begging money and drags you in a weird situation, so that it becomes hard for you to deny.

These are some of the important points that you are required to keep in mind while dating online. Although, there are some sites that can help you in identifying scammers by maintaining a list of their names, but it’s not easy to identify them because they change their names, profiles and identity very frequently. So, it’s always better to stay alert.

These tips can help you prevent the trap of fraud Russian woman, but if you have already become a victim of fraud, you need to act smartly in that case. Before giving any type of reaction, understand your situation properly. Don’t take any foolish action that may harm your reputation, rather don’t hesitate in taking advice of an expert or lawyer.

All we want is that you get the love of your life which is true and genuine. But, don’t tend to believe everyone in the search of love because others may not have the heart to understand your feelings.