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Even a thought of proposing someone creates a feeling of excitement and a kind of current spreads in the whole body. But, proposing someone is a very important step that takes a relationship from friendship to never ending love. This relation transformation step has to be carried out very precisely. Though, there are a number of ways that can be used for proposing someone, but what are those special romantic ideas that can make the other person feel special? Today, I will talk about those special ideas that will help you in lifting up your love life.

If you are planning to propose someone, try and make sure to use the most romantic ways you can use to impress your love interest, so that it becomes hard for him/her to say no.

Now, it’s time to start the countdown of the most romantic tips to propose someone.

Choose a Romantic Location: 


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Whether you want to propose your mate publically or privately that depends on your personal choice, but it should be done in a highly romantic manner. Romantic location and your way of proposal play a major role that either you will get a Yes or No.

  • Public Proposal

If you want to propose your love in front of public, choose a nice restaurant, the one that is your sweetheart’s favorite, surprise her by giving some nice gifts such as chocolates, soft toys or any other special thing that she likes the most such as any painting or musical instrument. Make her feel like the princess of the moment, order what she likes without even let her know. Make arrangements in advance by asking restaurant staff to play a romantic musical tune by the side of your table and with that romantic music, express your feelings that she is the most special person for you on this entire earth by offering a proposal ring. This romantic public proposal will make it hard for your love to deny.

  • Private Proposal

If you are more of a private person, choose a place where no one else can listen to your romantic talks such as your room, your or your friend’s home. You can even grab a chance to have a walk with him/her in pleasant weather and express your feelings on the way.

Choose an Apt Day:

Romatic Card

Different days are being celebrated in our society for celebrating love such as Valentine’s Day, propose day, friendship day etc. or if her birthday is around you can use that day as well to express your special feelings. Send her a bouquet of flowers with your love message.

Arrange a romantic set-up in your garden area with candles, lights, perfumes, invite her to your place and say those special words to her either by bending on your knees, by offering her a drink with ring or by lighting up the lights in a special order that says that you love her and want to marry her.

Go High-Tech:

Image source: businessnewsdaily.com

Image source: businessnewsdaily.com

Go high tech with the gadgets around, now a days it is very easy to communicate either by using mobile phones, social media or Whatsapp etc. Let her remember the special moments of your friendship by presenting a series of slides, and make her realize the depth of your relationship.

Create 2-3 videos of yours asking her to become your life-partner and use different medium to send those videos to her such as Whatsapp, Facebook, video messaging, voice messaging etc.

Propose On a Radio Station:


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If your lover loves music and listens to it regularly on her/his favorite radio station, gather some information about that radio show that she/he never miss. Propose your love on that radio show. He/She will be more than happy and surprised to listen your proposal that you are doing in the front of the entire city. And, your love will surely not be able to say no.

Candle Light Dinner:

Candle Light Dinner

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Though, it may be one of the oldest, but it is one of the classic ways to say someone that I Love you. Organize a candle light dinner for your sweetheart in one of your favorite restaurant and when you propose to him/her for being with you for the lifetime, you will notice that the glow and warm of candle will melt the heart of your sweetheart and you will get a definite Yes.

These were some of the best ways to propose someone, to express that how much you love and care. Whether you go with a classic old method or with an advance high-tech technique, make sure to fill in the color of your love. Express your honest feelings by opting one of the unique ways and it will surely deepen your bond.