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Happiness comes with a combination of physical, mental, and financial well-being, it arises with positive and pleasant emotions. Happy living cannot be imagined without healthy relationships because they are having a big contribution in keeping us healthy and stress free.

Healthy relationships are secret for happy living

image source: womenshealthmag.co

A study named Harvard Study of Adult Development, done by the Harvard Professor ‘Robert Waldinger’, the director of the complete study of an adult life, revealed the secrets of a happy living that shows that one of the biggest factor of happy living is good and healthy relationship.

This study revealed some important factors of happy living and healthy relationship that are given below:

Points Revealed in Harvard Study of Adult Development

1. A well connected person with friends, family, community enjoy low stress levels, good physical health and longer life in comparison to the person who is not so well connected to the society.
2. Health of more lonely and isolated people decline earlier in midlife.
3. Quality of your relationship plays a major role in deciding the health and happiness in life, environment of constant dispute not only increases stress level and put adverse effects on health, but it also decreases the quotient of happiness in a person’s life.
4. It is also revealed that people who feel satisfied in their relationship at the age of 50 are the healthiest at the age of 80.
5. Healthy relationships are good for our brain and body as well.
6. People who feel more protective in their relationships or who are assured that they can count on others, their memory stay sharper for longer.
7. The hormones in our body that make us feel happy are endorphins, dopamine and serotonin and a human experience maximum generation of these hormones whenever he spends quality time with friends or share a strong love bond with someone.

Being a dating teacher, it is an important message for me to share with all of you that love and relationships can give a beautiful turn to your life. Some people are afraid of falling in love due to pressure of society, fear of heartbreak, break-ups etc., but true love never fears of anything.

As, we have discussed some important points about relation between healthy relationship and happy living, now let me tell you how to maintain healthy relationship with your partner.

How to Maintain Healthy Relationship with Your Partner

Maintaining healthy relationship is not a rocket science, but one has to show some care and understanding towards the other person. The points mentioned below will let you understand the point more clearly.

• Communicate
Don’t ever keep the thoughts in your mind whether they are good or bad, instead express them in front of your partner. This will greatly help in simplifying things and vanishing all your doubts.
• Laugh Together
Spend some quality time with one another daily, crack some jocks, laugh together, look into each other’s eyes and feel good about your relationship.
• Travel
Travelling and going away from the noise and rubble of the city will infuse new energy in your relationship. Give yourself and your relationship a break by visiting romantic locations together.
• Intimacy
Maintain intimacy and passion in your relationship, indulge in sex on regular basis, also don’t hesitate in initiating it by yourself.

Almost every one of us wants to become rich, to have more and more money to fulfill all our desires etc. etc., but we often think that love will come in our life by itself, there is no need to do any extra effort to search it. However, this notion is totally wrong, one can’t search his/her truelove without doing the required effort. Happiness is the pursuit of life that is deeply connected to the quality of our relationship. And, your true happiness will only come with the companion that is especially made for you. So, put in your efforts to search the special one for enjoying healthy relationship and happy living.