Dating apps bring dating to our fingertips. Dating is the thing that you want to do, dating apps give the freedom of doing it from anytime anywhere. Although, the market is full of dating websites and dating apps, but not all of them have stolen the heart of users. Only a few come on the list of users’ favorite, and here you will get the list of most loved dating apps.

Top 5 Dating Mobile Applications

1. Tinder

Tinder - One of the top five dating app

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Tinder is one of the best dating applications. It is simple to use, it lets you decide which person you want to talk to and it doesn’t allow anybody to send you messages without your permission. You just have to upload some photos and give a personal bio to introduce yourself. You need a Facebook account to enable the tinder to work and this profile can also be linked to your Instagram profile.

The app lets you see the options of singles you have in that area around with a photograph, name and age, photos can be swiped left to let them pass, swipe right to show that you liked the person. And if both of you have swiped right that means that you both can communicate by sending messages to each other.

2. OkCupid

OkCupid - One of the best top five dating apps

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OkCupid works as a love cupid that finds the most appropriate match around and notifies you after checking the compatibility. It offers a series of questions that you need to answer including those answers as well which you expect your partner should have given for some particular questions. It allows the app to calculate your match percentage with other users. The facility of seeing that who has liked your profile can be availed by taking premium subscription.

Put on your photos or link your profile to the Instagram account, the process is easy and can be done in minutes. It also provides a limited number of contacts on daily basis, those that are the most preferred ones, so user doesn’t have to waste time searching endlessly for other contacts, instead he is already served with the best ones.

3. Hinge

Hinge - one of the top five dating app

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Here comes another dating app that also secures a place in the top 5 dating apps, Hinge. It lets you log in via Facebook account and introduce you to people that share common Facebook friends with you. It asks about some of your priorities such as preferences, location, age etc. and sends preferable matches once a day. If you fail to reply any one of your preferable choice among them in the next 24 hours, you will lose that contact.

Hinge gives a time limit of only 24 hours to let you start a conversation and then 14 days to share contacts. Otherwise, that contact will get lost. Hinge is having an advantage in this area that it provides limited time period to a person to react. This increases the chances of more and healthy communication.

4. Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee meets bagel - one of the top five dating apps

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This app, Coffee Meets Bagel having an unusual name, but works great in letting people meet each other that share common Facebook friends. It asks for some inputs such as age preference etc. and then sends one bagel to the user a day that is the most preferable match.

It then gives a user a period of 24 hours to decide that whether you like that bagel or not. If you don’t show any interest within that time limit, you may lose the contact, but if you have liked the bagel and the same person also liked you back, then you both will be able to share messages in chat room for the next 8 days. So, these 8 days would be crucial to share contacts and start the conversation.

5. Elena’s Model

Elenasmodes - one of the top five dating apps

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Elena’s Models mobile dating app is a new entrant in the top 5 list; due to its swift functionality, easy UI and amazing results it is making a mark among the top dating apps. Once you download the app and fill in all the details, the app provides facilities such as voice and video calling, text chat, photo and video sharing, smiles and emoji keyboard and real time translation of language etc. It lets you make a video call privately in safe and secure environment of Elena’s Models application. There are features such as voice notes, sharing photos and videos, view who’s online, notification control, and offline support etc.

These were the top five mobile dating apps that are serving the users successfully and loved the most by them. Download any one of them in your smartphone and get all the dating facilities on your fingertips. Now, your love is just a click away, so get lucky and grab your love now.