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mistakes that should be avoided on a date

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We wait for our first date for weeks, months or years, but we are not aware that some small mistakes that we do unknowingly can spoil the whole romantic atmosphere of the first date and can turn it into a blunder. Today, I would like to share some dating tips for the first date that everyone should follow to make sure that your first date will become the reason for arrival of repeated dates.

A little of thought process is required behind every date. But, if it is your first date, you need to be a bit extra cautious because then you are totally unaware about the likes, dislikes, and nature of your beloved. So, a combination of everything is required to make an impression on the first date such as nice clothes, manners, a nice ambiance, useful discussion etc.

Now let’s discuss about those mistakes that should be completely avoided during the first date.

Mistakes that can spoil your First Date

1. Choosing a Wrong Place & Going with Friends

First date helps two individuals to know each other better that requires a quiet, private place and involvement of only two individuals. Choosing a wrong, noisy, disturbing place in this situation can ruin the whole idea of peace and privacy. Taking your friends along on the first date can also completely destroy the idea of a date. So, choose a place where you two can freely talk to each other and enjoy your company.

2. Being Late 
First date is the first chance of showing to your beloved that you are responsible enough, you take your relations and people seriously. Whereas, reaching late on first date shows your casual attitude towards the relationships and the other person. It may also annoy your date; if due to any circumstances you can’t avoid being late, then inform your date about your late coming in advance, also sending an apology message would be a good idea and will show that you care about the other person’s time.

3. Talking about & Praising Ex
Everyone wants to feel special on first date and same is the case with your date. In this situation talking about your ex, or even worse praising or comparing ex with your date can completely leave her heartbroken. This will make her feel that she is not having any value to you. Either it may ruin your first date or will crush the dreams of your second date.

4. Showing-off Clothes & Accessories
May be you brought new clothes and accessories for your first date, but let your date notice and praise them. Don’t start bragging about them by yourself, otherwise it will make you look like as a materialistic person.

5. Bad Smell
It’s your first date and you have not used any perfume or deodorant, means you are smelling bad. Oh! This is the worst nightmare anyone can have on the first date. This smelly mistake of yours will put your date in such a situation that it would become difficult for your date to sit along you, so for God sake, don’t forget to use a nice fragrance.

6. Not Initiating any Discussion
You go on a date to know the other person well, to ask about his life, family, interests etc. and to share the facts about your life, family and interests etc. In this situation, it is very important that both the partners take equal interest and show enthusiasm about knowing the other person. If you will not initiate any discussion by yourself, it will give an indication that you are not interested in making any relation with the other person.

7. Staying Glued to Phone
May be attending or making frequent calls is a part of your daily routine, but it is a complete no no for your first date. Keep your phone aside, don’t let it disturb your discussions, otherwise your partner will find it really annoying and she may also drop the idea of going on next date with you. If you can’t avoid the call and it is really important, just take the excuse from your partner and attend it as quickly as possible.

These dating tips are really important for the first timers, avoiding such small and silly mistakes can let you make a lasting impression on your date and also open the doors for repeated dates with the person you love. Along with knowing the mistakes that should be avoided, it’s better to take an idea about the best ways of making a date interesting, if you are going on date for the first time.