Remove distance in long distance relationships

Long-distance relationships are increasing constantly nowadays because people are getting more and more opportunities to work either in different states or countries. Long distance relationships are a bit hard to maintain because lovers don’t get to see each other very frequently. They can’t touch, feel or get intimate with each other if they desire to do so. Patience, trust, and communication are the secrets of a healthy relationship and are also required to maintain the long distance relationship.

Number of long distance relationships are growing, the number of communication mediums are also increasing such as internet, video chat, voice chat, emails etc. Wise use of these mediums can eliminate the distance from long-distance relationships. There are some other methods as well that can help in staying close instead of long distances. So, let’s discuss the tips given below to manage long distance relationship.

1. Use of Communication devices

The first and foremost advice that comes in case of long distance relationships is to stay connected as much as you can, you both can decide how frequent you can talk either once a day, once a week or twice a week. Use more and more communication devices either it is phone, your laptop or anything else. Set days for doing video chat and follow the routine.

2. Use your Time Wisely

In LDRs you get very less time to talk to each other due to other work commitments, but whatever time you get use it wisely, don’t waste all your time in discussing prior issues or complaints, stay happy and share a positive communication. Do some sexy love filled talk as well. Share your latest photos and videos. Also, let him know how much you love him and how badly you are waiting to be together again.

3. Give Space to Yourself and Your Partner

As you both are away from each other, you both must be having a life there such as your colleagues, friends, family etc. Give space to your partner so that he can enjoy other aspects of life as well, let him go out with his friends and spend time with family, don’t bound his life to yourself and also don’t bound yourself to him. Enjoy your life, stay happy and share happiness in relationship as well.

4. Avoid Making Big Relationship Decisions Alone

You are staying apart from your partner doesn’t mean that there is no need to ask from him or her before taking any important decision about your relationship. Give equal or even more importance to your partner than you used to give her before, ask before taking any important decision, and don’t let distances arrive in your relationship.

5. Remember Important Dates

Dates such as your sweetheart’s birthday, your anniversary, your children’s birthday etc. These dates are important to remember when you are in a long distance relationship, because their remembrance and celebrations are a source of feeling spark in LDRs. It also makes your partner feel special. So, don’t forget to show and receive love with these small activities.

6. Get Ready to Face Problems

Problems come in every relationship. In normal relationships partners remain available all the time for resolving the issues. But, LDRs are a bit different, problems will definitely come, but you will not find your partner around to solve the matter instantly. So, there is a need to stay prepared in advance. It is important to have a clear thought that you will not let any misunderstanding disturb the peace of your relationship.

May be your partner is busy with some other work, may be his work commitments are not letting him talk as much as you want, so, don’t let these small things harm your relationship. Support your partner, make him believe that you are with him no matter what the situation is.

7. Be Honest and Share Your Feelings

Honesty is a must for any relationship whether it is long distance or not. Don’t lie or hide your feelings from partner either they are related to your personal life, professional life, feelings or insecurities etc. Also, inform your partner about your activities such as if you are going for a late night party with friends or planning a tour for 2-3 days. This will make your partner feel important in relationship and also help in maintaining the transparency.

8. Positive Attitude is a Must

Staying positive is like a fuel for long distance relationship. Stay positive and don’t let negativity come in between. Trust your partner, spread love, ignore small issues, and if possible make regular visits to your partner. Keep her aware about your personal and professional activities in life. If you stay positive that feeling will automatically transfer to your partner and you both will enjoy each and every bit of your relationship.

You may get hundreds of advices on maintaining a long-term relationship, but you are the real doctor of your relationship. You know your partner well than anyone else. Try and understand what is best for your relationship. Learn from experiences. And, last but not the least, love is the main ingredient of any relationship to keep it going, love your partner, love yourself and reduce the distances in long distance relationships by filling them with love.