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Elders can be your relationship advisors

A relationship requires time, experience, maturity, trust and patience to flourish, that’s what we all have known from years. But, it is not easy to maintain them, we often find it very difficult to stay calm, manage all the things, and giving priority to our relation rather than ourselves etc.

The one thing that can help us here is knowledge of elders. There are many things that we can learn from them. How to tackle with situations, what things to be taken care of in a relationship, what small efforts we can do to make your relationship work etc.

So, why not to take advantage of some experienced people who are available in our home. Let’s take a look what elders have to say about how to make relationships work. Let’s take a tour of the suggestions shared by old couples about how to maintain a strong and lasting relationship.

1. Your Family Matters

The first tip that every elder want their children to follow is about listening to family. According to them, if you want to get into a relationship and your family is suggesting something else, just listen to them at least once, because may be they are not satisfied with your decision and looking at this from a different angle. So, understand their reasons, because all they want is your good.

When you get into a relationship, it’s important to maintain a balance between family and your personal life. Both need your attention, but excess of attention given to one of them may disturb the other one. Use your mind and know when and how you need to be with your family or partner.

As per their experience, smaller issues are part of every relationship no one can escape from them, but don’t let them affect your relation in any way. Instead, keep a positive attitude and use these problems as experience so that they will not arrive in future. Just try to give your best to pacify the situation with family and partner as well.

2. Marry someone who is more Like You

It is a common saying that opposites attract each other, it often happen as well that we feel attracted to someone having different perspective towards life or liking than us. But, are they really compatible in long run?

As per the elders’ advice, people who are different than each other may attract for a smaller period of time, but they can’t able to create a strong bond for life.
In a bond like marriage it is really difficult to adjust with someone having different perspective and viewpoint towards life, but the one having same outlook towards life makes it a lot easier.

3. Get to know your Life-Partner well

New generation is less patient, they don’t want to adjust for small things, and they also need fast and perfect results. In this situation knowing someone after marriage requires a lot of patience and adjustment, so it’s good for this generation if they get to know each other well before marriage only.

Though, this advice is almost opposite of what used to happen in the generation of our grand-parents, but fits well for the new generation. So, before making a commitment like marriage or romantic relationship, get to know your partner well.

4. Think of Marriage as a Bond of Lifetime

As per the perspective of new generation, marriage is like a bond that can break anytime whenever you find it a bit difficult. This perspective needs to change, it is not a small-term or temporary connection that can split as per the convenience of the partners. A perfect marriage needs a lot of effort and work to be done on it, if something is not right, efforts are required to be done to make it work and that’s what makes a bond beautiful.

Nobody is perfect, give some time to your partner to grow and also give some time to yourself to grow as per the requirement of your relation. If any problem arises, try to find its solution together. Go an extra mile, do some effort and make your marriage last for a lifetime.

5. Communicate

As salt is an important ingredient of every recipe, similarly communication is one of the most important component in a relationship to make it happy. Your romantic or life partner is closest to you, if you want that your relationship will last for long, share each and every emotion with your partner.

As you communicate, transparency will increase, and both of you get to know each other well. Communication is having a lot of power, it can solve smaller or even bigger issues, so never hide your feelings from your partner, because you can’t be able to take it for long. It has been find that most of the relationships break due to lack of communication.

6. Always Remember Small Gestures

Small gestures matter a lot in a relationship or marriage. Never forget small things that you can do to make your partner happy such as compliment your partner, praise your partner in front of yours’ or hers’ friends. Respect your partner and ask for her desires, liking and interests. These actions will help you in earning respect in a relationship.

These actions may not take much of your time, but they will definitely create a lasting impact on your partner’s mind and also help both of you in sharing a strong and lasting bond. Pillars for a strong relationship can be made with raw material like love, honesty, trust and respect, but their formation need time and patience in which our new generation is lacking. No matter what you expect your relationship to be like, don’t forget to follow the basic building points of a relationship.