break-ups are hard, but can be healed

image source: ottmag.com

Break-up is a painful experience. This distressing end of a relationship brings a lot of grief. But, it is not the end of the world, there is a lot of positive that still exist in the world and in life as well. Break-up is a temporary phase that may make the daters feel sad for some time, but instead of keep mourning, one should use a positive and futuristic approach.

Today we will discuss about the ways of overcoming pain of a break-up. Let’s first understand why we feel so much pain after having a break-up.

Relationships, dating bring a kind of excitement in life, they make us feel special and we enjoy the attention given by another person. It seems like a kind of void is filled in life. While dating, people forget about the other things and only care about their relationship. When this special relation comes to an end it leaves an even bigger void in life and seems like that an important part of our life is got separated from us. We feel alone and started thinking in a way that now nothing has left in life.

Initial days after break-up are the most crucial ones and it is the time that one should avoid thinking negative towards life. During this time we often forget about the people who support us in every situation such as our parents, close friends, siblings etc. and start thinking that life is worthless without that person who leave us midway.

Though, there are some proven techniques that can help get out from the grief and pain of a break-up quickly.

1. Accept it and Move-on

After break-up it often takes a bit of time to accept that that person has gone out from our life. Most of us wait for the call or message or any other news that our date is coming back to us, this is because our mind don’t accept the truth. But, it is good for us to accept it as sooner as possible, we should not live under any kind of illusion or false thinking that he/she will come back to us some day. Accept the reality, feel strong, act strong and move ahead.

2. Throw your Emotions out and believe that you are not alone

Don’t suppress your emotions, just throw them out in whatever way you think is appropriate either by talking to a friend and sharing your pain or by crying alone in room. It will help a lot in making you feel lighter.

It is a fact that we are not alone at any point in life, our parents, friends and siblings are always there, but in the situation of break-up we tend to believe that we are all alone, there is a need to come out from this false illusion. It will give strength to fight from the most unfavorable situations. Talk to your dear ones whenever you feel like, don’t pretend that you are strong and can easily forget all the things, after all we all need emotional support at some point in life.

3. Take a Break

It would be good to take a break in this situation, take leave from office, plan a holiday, ask your family or friends to go out somewhere away from the memories of your relation and ex. Visit a different place, enjoy the weather there and discover different reasons to be happy. Enjoy with those people who value you more than anything else.

Also, take a break from social media and your mobile phone, they may not let you forget about the past and make you see those people again and again who are somewhere related to your ex.

4. Give time to your Interests

You may have not realized it, but you forget about most of your hobbies and interests when you were busy in dating because you were donating all your free time there. Now, it’s time to get back to yourself and do the things you like the most whether it is painting, listening or playing music, singing, cooking, gymming reading or anything.

5. Make yourself More Desirable

Self-pampering helps a lot during this time, a new makeover, hair-color, tattoo, shopping, these things act like an instant mood booster and generate a feeling of self-love.

6. Think Positive and Forgive

Believe that whatever happens, happens for a reason, something positive is always hidden behind all the things no matter how much distressing or negative they are. Follow this believe and you will definitely notice the same in future.

Remove the crowd of thoughts from your mind and make yourself feel lighter, and the best way of doing that is to forgive, forgive your ex and let her go out of your life forever. You actually deserve much better than that. Make yourself feel lighter and liberate yourself.

7. Get Rid of Memories

Get rid of all the memories you have of your ex, whether they are pictures in your mobile, greeting or gift cards, perfumes, soft toys or anything. Either gift them to someone or just destroy them, if you will keep them you will never be able to get rid of your ex’s memories. Bring some new stuff for your room such as a new lights, candles, fragrance or anything else to make it look and feel fresh.

These are some of the tips that can help you recover from a break up soon. The most important thing to understand after break-up is that your ex was not made for you, you will meet many more desirable people in future and life will give you many options to choose your life-partner among them. So, stay positive and feel happy.