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image source: tinybuddha.com

Romanian girls are amazingly gorgeous and dating such beautiful ladies require some efforts. Men may have to do a bit of extra effort to win their heart. But, if you wonder about the ways that let you date a Romanian woman, I am here to share some of the useful tips.
Romanian girls are beautiful, take time before going out for dating and are not easy to hang around or date with. In this situation, boys need to follow a special path to reach their hearts. So, without wasting any more time, let’s discuss about those ways.

1. Learn Their Culture

Romanian women has immense respect for their culture, values and tradition. If you are a foreigner there, learn about their culture, their ways of living and Romanian language. This can also be done while dating a Romanian girl, as it may act as an interesting topic of discussion between you two. She will also help you in understanding different things about her place.
Show her that you have respect for her culture and place, and that’s why you are interested in knowing more about Romania. When you both share your cultural identities, it would become easy for you both to connect on personal basis. She will also feel more comfortable with you in less time.

2. Dress As Per her Expectation

For dating Romanian women, one has to take care of his dressing style because she give a lot of importance to the physical appearance of herself and others as well. The place where she comes from, there everyone likes to dress and look well. So, even if you are a foreigner, make sure to dress well as per her expectations to make an impressive lasting impression. Initially she may not tell how she feels about your dressing style, but a bad impression will surely ruin your chances.

3. Make her Feel Beautiful

Though, girls love compliments, but they can really put a great impact on Romanian girls as well. She likes to dress up and look good and she also expects their dates to appreciate their effort. She likes to get praised for her looks and beauty. However, you also won’t be able to stop yourself from complimenting her because of her mesmerizing beauty, but make it a point to compliment her whenever you both meet.

4. Surprise Her

To add the quotient of romance between you two, try to surprise her by giving some lovely gifts or flowers whenever you meet. Romanian girls have a special liking toward flowers. It will also act as an indication to her that you like her and want to be in a relationship with her. Also, I would like to mention that always give her an odd number of flowers, because Romanians give even number of flowers at funerals.

5. Impress her Family

Families and friends are very important for Romanian girls. Opinion of family members matters a lot for her if she is looking for a life-partner. So, making a good impression in front of her family members is also equally important. This also doesn’t take much of time, she would like you to meet her family members in the starting of the relationship because she would remain curious to know their views about you and your relationship.
Whenever you visit her home, make sure to carry flowers for females and wine for males. She can share the information that how many members she has in her family and what is their age-group. So, get the all the preparations done in advance.

6. Learn to Cook a Romanian Dish with Her

Generally, Romanian girls love cooking, she would love it if you try out learning a new dish with her. She will start looking you as a family man who can take care of his girl and can help her in the kitchen as well. Chances of her expecting you as a life-partner will increase. Also, cooking together will increase the quotient of romance between you two. So, make preparations in your kitchen and call her so that she can teach you a new Romanian dish.

7. Plan Holidays

Who doesn’t want to go on holidays, but Romanian women love to travel. She likes to explore new things, places and people. She would be more than happy if you plan romantic holidays with her. But, also plan your budget accordingly because you will be the one who is going to pay for hotel, dining and travelling bills. But, these plans would remain highly beneficial for your relationship.

These are some of the tips that you need to know before dating a Romanian woman. Apart from knowing all these tips about Romanian dating, also make sure to treat her with immense love and respect. If your feelings would be true, they will definitely make their way to her heart. Win her with love instead of money because money may be important for living a good life, but love is one and only thing that will reach her heart.