Image source: askmen.com

Image source: askmen.com

Moldova is a beautiful country located in Eastern Europe and shares borders with Romania and Ukraine. It is a young nation that declared independence in 1991 and adopted constitution in 1994. The place is rich in natural beauty with a population of only 4.1 million people and the major part of its GDP depends on service sector. Moldovan peoples are popular for hospitality and for their beautiful women.

As the country is not very rich, people of Moldova follow a simple and traditional lifestyle due to which most of the Moldovan women like to stay at home taking care of their children and family. Due to this nature most of the foreigner men like to approach Moldova to find their wives.

But, it is important to understand her better before making an approach. So, here I am going to talk everything about best dating a Moldovan woman, from her likes & dislikes to dating tips.

Let’s discuss all these points in detail:

Likes and Dislikes of Moldovan women

1. Moldovan women like to give priority to their families. She like to stay in loving family environment with kids and a caring husband.
2. Moldovan women like to have a stable family life.
3. Money does matter to Moldovan woman, but it is not a deciding factor of her loyalty in a relationship. If she is committed in a relationship, she would like to stay loyal, no matter what financial situation arises.
4. She likes to cook delicious food for her family and also loves if her husband helps her out in the kitchen.
5. She like men that respect their mates, and she is also very well aware of her responsibilities in relationship.

1. Moldovan women are not very fond of working outside.
2. Moldovan women can sacrifice her desires for the sake of family, she always give priority to family.
3. She don’t like males with untidy and old cloths.
4. She won’t like if your ask her to pay bills in the restaurant.

How to Approach Moldovan women for Dating

If you live abroad, the most efficient ways to connect with a Moldovan women are either through online dating sites or other popular dating apps.

Other than this, if you think that online dating is not very efficient, then visiting Moldova and meeting single gorgeous Moldovan ladies personally will surely open new option. It is also not very expensive to visit and staying in Moldova. In fact, personally meeting different Moldovan girls and finding out your true mate among them is going to be an exciting experience. So, visit some of the beautiful places in Moldova such as Chisinau, Comrat, Soroca, Cahul or Rezina and find love of your life.

Now, here come the tips for dating Moldovan women. As she is so beautiful, some tactics would definitely be required to impress her, let’s understand them better.

Tips to Date a Moldova Girl

Being a Foreigner can Rise your points
If you are a foreigner to Moldovan women, your points will rise automatically. Yes, this is a fact, Moldovan women prefer foreigner men over locals because she crave for a better lifestyle for herself and better upbringing for her children. As, I have discussed above as well that the lifestyle of Moldova is extremely simple and traditional. But, Moldovan women prefer to have a husband who can take good care of her’s and her children financially and who also doesn’t impose any traditional barriers in their path.

Choose a Perfect Attire
Make sure to choose a perfect attire as it is very likely that the Moldovan woman you are going to meet will be dressed up in amazing clothes and may make you feel inferior. Moldova girls care a lot about their physique and attire, she like to look and dress well. Along with the clothes, also make sure to take care of manners and etiquettes to make a good first impression on her.

Pay the Bills & Show Care and Respect
If you don’t pay the restaurant bill, then forget to win the heart of Moldovan, so, make sure that you pay all the bills, because as per her opinion, a man is responsible to earn and spend for the comfort of his loved ones.

She would like if her date or would-be husband would show enough care and respect towards her because that’s what she accept from a foreigner man. She would like you to compliment her, praise her for her dressing style, and tell her that she is beautiful. It doesn’t matter what are the customs and believes of Moldovan women but women of Moldova is extremely beautiful and humble, and she is looking for better life abroad because of high poverty level in her country. So, follow the tips mentioned above to approach Moldovan girl and share your experience here.

Good luck!