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Our society has always remain biased towards men and women. No matter how much we talk about equality or role of women in society, but somewhere in the back of our minds, we have decided the role of men and women that they should be playing.

The people in our society are different in what they are and what they try to show. They try to be modern and fearless from outside, but they carry a lot of fears inside. As a social animal, we all have a tendency to think what the society or other people will say if we do this way. So, we fear in accepting new things, and I am saying this in the context of role of men and women in society.

A thing that is being ingrained in us from the very beginning is that men is the bread earner for his family having more power and authority than women. Any boundations or limitations are also not applicable on him because he is a man.

Women, on the other hand, is the one who is responsible for taking care of her family by making kids and cooking food. She is not as powerful and authoritative as men, and a number of boundation can be applied to her because she is a woman.

As now the time is changing and new generations are coming in with their own thoughts and beliefs, they are giving new viewpoints and questions to the society, and one among them is about the existence of single women.

Why it is hard to accept for people that women can exist in society on her own without marriage. Why we always push such conditions on women that she should be married before a certain age, otherwise she will be old and it would be difficult for her to survive without any companion. Some of the upcoming points will help in understanding that why it is difficult for women to survive alone.

Why it is Difficult for Women to Stay Alone?

  • People Start Blame Game

Blaming a woman’s attitude for her being single is the general tendency of our society. Our society never thinks from a woman’s perspective that what she wants, but it should be her who should change her desires and attitude as per the expectations of society. If she refuses to do that, people start the blame game with her that she is unable to find anyone because of her attitude.

On the other hand, if a man makes demands, we never blame him for his bad attitude, because in our opinion, he is a man and he has the right to choose his life partner as per his demands and desires.

  • Number of Questions that Shoots-in

For a single woman, it becomes hard to attend social get-togethers and family meeting, when relatives and friends start shooting such questions that why aren’t you married yet. What are your demands, can’t you settle down with a normal boy? When are you giving grandkids to your parents? You should get married now, otherwise, when are you going to have kids.

These suggestions and questions make it feel that others have the authority to plan what and when should be done by single women. As if, she is only responsible for making kids and giving grandchildren to her parents.

  • Everything is not Okay, If a Woman is Doing It

Our society accepts almost all the things if they are performed by a man, because he has the right to follow his heart. But, if the same thing is done by a woman, plenty of questions and doubts start coming in, because if she is a woman, she don’t have all the rights to follow her heart.

If singlehood is a choice for women, no one in the society is going to accept it, unless they find an imaginary reason to believe that she must be having some physical or mental problem.

  • A Believe that Women is meant to have Kids

Most of the thinkers of our society relate the life of a woman directly to kids. If she has crossed a certain age and not having kids, then it’s like a crime for her. She is grown-up having a mature uterus and not having kids, oh she is just a waste for the society.

The irony of our society is that even after admitting that women have all the rights to follow her heart, we hesitate to accept things in reality. It’s only our thinking and believes that is making the survival of single women difficult in society. Now, time has come to bring the change and let women live whatever way she want.

So, stop forcing her to follow the shallow ethics of society and let her live the way she is wanting.

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