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Like other things, our relationships have also gone online and that is all for their better availability and our convenience. How convenient it is become for us to find the new relationships that somewhere we start taking our existing relationships for granted. Online dating websites and mobile dating apps, both are made by keeping the ease and convenience of users at the top, but are they really doing good to our relationships?

Today we are going to discuss this and how this increasing trend of online dating is actually affecting our relationships. So, let’s take a look at some of the related factors.

  • Freedom to Choose from a Number of Options

Dating websites and mobile dating apps actually allow users to come in contact with a number of other dating ready profiles. This fact triggers a feeling of looking at the maximum number of other profiles just by swiping them right so that the best cannot be missed. Because of this users also tend to miss those desirable profiles which can be their potential date. This increases the feeling of restlessness, lack of satisfaction and, lack of commitment in relationships.

Though it is a good thing that a user gets plenty of profiles to choose from, but how it is affecting the relationships and mind of a user is a point of concern.

  • Online Dating Becomes a Time pass for Fun

Despite being in a relationship, many people like to use online dating for fun and flirting with others because they don’t consider this as cheating. They make fake accounts for doing this, some of them just enjoy the chat, but some also don’t mind in meeting their online dates. 20% of those who are happily married also don’t mind to go for online dating.

Doing this not only ruins their relationship, but also affect the bond with their partner, and they just keep on doing it on the name of casual fun without any feeling of guilt.

  • Lack of Commitment

Use of online dating and dating apps are becoming the reason for increasing lack of commitment. It has been seen that most of the people that date online hesitate in giving commitment in relationships because of the feeling that they can find a better person than the one they are talking to right now. This desire of finding someone better even takes away the one who is perfect for them.

This generally happens when a person lacks understanding in what he wants from a relationship and got caught in unnecessary confusion after seeing so many desirable profiles.

  • Becomes easy for Fraudsters to Hide their Identity behind Computers

One of the most threatening thing related to online dating is that it is very easy for people to hide their true identity behind the computer screens. They are not actually what they show they are. They do this because they know that with their true identity, they won’t be able to grab the attention of the other person either for meeting or for doing chat. These people are a big reason for failing of online dating.

  • Multiple Dates at a Time

Some people like it to sit in front of computer and chat & flirt with multiple people at a time. They make fake and multiple accounts and make fool of other people only for having fun and their personal satisfaction.

These were some of the points that show the darker side of online dating, and it is also a fact that only some people are using it all wrong for fulfilling their personal interests. Otherwise, if online dating is used correct aim, it can be of great advantage, because people can find their mates with extreme ease inspite of their busy schedule.

So, take the benefits of online dating in right way and make sure to fill your life with love.