I am Stacy Deason, I did my graduation in Psychology in year 2010 and post that I start working as relationship counsellor. I have an interest in understanding human behavior, their relationships, and reactions in different situations from my school days and that’s why I opted for Psychology. After completing my graduation, I started working as a freelance counselor for those who were looking for serious relationships and true love. Then, while dealing with my clients, I came across numerous issues that people generally face in their relationship.

Everyone loves his/her family, but loving someone who is an unknown person or new to our life engender a different feeling altogether. Every relationship has its own story and problems, but that holds its true beauty. It may holds highs and lows, ups and downs, but with this blog, I will try to help you in minimizing lows and downs. No matter whether you are a man or woman, a little help or assistance is required to everyone during the different stages of a relationship. So, not to worry, your dating teacher is here with you now.
Other than this, I also have a cooking blog where I loves to share my grandma recipes with everyone. Whenever I feel tired of finding solutions of relationship problems, cooking is the only thing that refreshes me and brings back to work.

I am also a fitness freak and likes to eat in the right proportion. I make sure to burn extra calories by doing cycling, running, gymming etc. I have tried many ways of staying fit including power Yoga which is one of my favorite.

My other interests include travelling, shopping, movies, reading, and music. I like to work hard, but I also don’t miss any opportunity of enjoying life. I love travelling and adventures.
According to my experience, working with blogging community helps in learning new things, connecting with new people and it also helps in increasing overall knowledge, I am expecting the same or even better kind of experience this time as well.

If you have any query or doubt, feel free to comment or email me at stacydotdeason@gmail.com or connect to me at Facebook.


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